ID: 24041
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From: Yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: dax
ID: 36306
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From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: tabataprotocol
<a href="" title="" class="auto_link"></a>

Some dude linked this on #fa earlier today, says it's been effective on him.
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From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: FYI - Possibly Important
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">*nod*

If it were just that I'd be fine with it, but yeah, had a lot of concern
random people were coming up to me with "massive exploit" and stating
that sort of things to random people. Stuff like that shouldn't have
gotten public.

I did have some idea as to how the API could be used for good purposes though (e.g. mailing lists).</div>

So did I, but taking those ideas further requires that notes be
deletable entities, as not to uncontrollably bloat the database further.
ID: 48324
Original ID: 4930241
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: FYI - Possibly Important
Spoof notes? Yes, the api allows this by design. This is a trust based thing, and a bit of trap if you might call it that.

Everything is being logged and uncovering if somebody has been abusing
the functionality given to them is pretty easy, so if that somebody
actually does this they can be publicly blasted for betraying said

Reading other people's notes however is not something possible through
that API. I would be mad if I coded something like that for third party

Having said that, looks like Jurann is feeling a bit too proud of
himself for whatever reason. net-cat talked to me, and we're keeping the
API disabled until I remove the "from" parameter and lock account IDs
per each IP the access is being made from.

<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">Yak, got this message per somebody completely not in the know...

<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">The Cantankerous Delight:</strong> But
Jurann has apparently made it clear that the super sekrit access you or
someone else has given him with FA allows him to spoof notes from other
people to others, and has made it clear he can read other peoples notes.

<strong class="bbcode bbcode_b">The Cantankerous Delight:</strong> Of course, he has a history of rewriting a lot of facts in his head.. Jurann speaking of.</div>
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From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: Hey
Heya, got an artist here wanting to do a monthly banner. Their art
seems nice and quality product. Thought you might need to know.

<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote"><span>qzurr wrote:</span>Hellou! ^^

Thank you very much Yak!


<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote"><span>yak wrote:</span>Sorry for replying that late.

Dragoneer handles the monthly banners, not I. But as far as I know it's
an invitation-only procedure; and of course, there's a entry barrier on
the level of quality.

Your art certainly passes the quality test, so I can tell him you're willing, if you like.</div>

<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote"><span>qzurr wrote:</span>Hello Yak! ^^

I hope I don't waste your time! ^^

How can I do Fa banner? :3

How works? Just popular artist can draw it? Or we must pay for that they put it?

Thanks! ^^

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From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: ok once again another punk from kibbies possy
Some dude sent me a note, forwarding it to you.

Sent By: Stretch On: April 3rd, 2009 11:48

<hr class="bbcode bbcode_hr">

Hi. I've been a member for ages but wanted to know if we could set up an
add for my website. I in turn, would donate 10% of the sales from the
add to FA. You can find my site at Please have a look and
let me know what you think.

ID: 58159
Original ID: 2910642
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: monitor
Okay, it appears it's a very controversial monitor. Some people are
extremely pleased with it, others - a more demanding kind - can't live
with it's input lag and color presentation. And there are very little
people on the middle ground. Guess you're just going to have to try it
out yourself and see.

Oh, and if you do, here are the calibrator's settings:

Contrast 72:

Red - 91

Green - 84

Blue - 90

Color profile - <a href="" title="" class="auto_link"></a>
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Original ID: 2494599
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: "Missing Submission"
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">

This gets an internal server 500 error. Any ideas?</div>

Corrupted flash file causing a PHP core dump when it tries to read it's
width and height. And those are needed, because they are used to set
them correctly when embedding the object on the page.

Strange this is that people seem to have been able to see the
submission for some time and comment on it, before it got corrupted.
Second time this is happening, to my knowledge.

Someone has to reupload the file to fix it.
ID: 63534
Original ID: 2105129
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: Journal Problem
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">

The "new journal" area is aligning on to the "middle" (instead of
vertically) for me and a lot of users. If you have a lot of journals
this puts the text box several pages down, makes it look like the
journal box has vanished.</div>

Hah, so this is what 'the journal' problem means.

I've had a few people report it but none of them could describe the
problem properly. And myself, not having that much journals, of course
could not recreate it.

It's a 2 minute fix, consider it done.
ID: 64314
Original ID: 2021077
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: Bug Report - Password Resets
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">U: Ne0h

@: <a class="auto_link email" href="">Birdy.luv.Totoro[at]</a>

No matter what I try to do to send a user a password reset using the FA
system... it won't generate a reset to them. Says the e-mail address
isn't associated... BUT I've verified it's good and and corrected.</div>


I'll fix it shortly.
ID: 69506
Original ID: 1434753
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: Color Abuse?
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote">

Opinions on this? I think this is way, way in violation of what the color tag was meant for.</div>

Well it sucks, takes about 0.4 seconds of server time to parse this crap into HTML. Pure CPU time, nothing more.

But aside from sucking, it's really not a problem unless it becomes a meme of epidemic proportions. Not much impact here.

It's abuse, yes, but can be countered with polite|stern warning not to, I believe, on a case-by-case basis.
ID: 72766
Original ID: 1074048
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: FA Exploit - Bandwith Clogger
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote"></div>

didya try it first?

that was fixed about 2.5 months ago, if i recall correctly, when i introduced those 128 and 256 perpage limits to admins.
ID: 75722
Original ID: 527099
From: yak
To: Dragoneer
Title: RE: Admin Journal Problem
<div class="bbcode bbcode_quote"></div>


Got it..