Welcome to the YiffyLeaks Portal, your gateway to the 2010 FurAffinity Data Leak by Unknown. Viewing the huge files is hard, so this portal exists to make it easier to browse, search and even comment.

Disclaimer: This information is here solely as a reference to an important event that took place and to provide journalistic critique and comment. You can send your complaints to arcturus@malicelabs.com.

Personal Information Notice: If you find your telephone number, address, beeper number, etcetera listed on this site and wish it censored, send a mail to the above address, with the Unique ID of the note that has the information in question and it will be redacted.

Updated Sunday 19th December with: Allan, Betawolf, Fisk, Sciggles, Seux, Synwolf, TORA, tsawolf, witchiebunny... and your yiffiest leaker of all, me, Arcturus!

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